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Delivering precision to patient treatments


Our business – Pioneering Precision Dosing

Aegirbio is a precision medicine company. We are focused on therapeutic drug monitoring of biologic therapies in the autoimmune, oncology and neurology space. Biologic drug concentrations vary widely between patients, leading to unnecessary side effects and suboptimal clinical outcomes. By tracking drug levels in individual patients, these high cost treatments can be personalized to improve treatment results and unlock savings for healthcare systems. Aegirbio is setting new standards in this field by pioneering Point of Care and Point of Need tests that can provide results within minutes.


A joint venture

Aegirbio is a joint venture combining core technologies from LifeAssays and Abreos Biosciences. LifeAssays is a diagnostics company based in Lund, Sweden, and owns the Magnia Point of Care and Point of Need reader technology. Abreos Biosciences is a San Diego, California, based biotech and has developed the Veritope chemistry platform for detecting levels of biologic drugs in patient samples. Following several years of successful collaboration, Lifeassays and Abreos Biosciences will combine their highly complementary technologies in Aegirbio to create a leader in therapeutic drug monitoring of biologic drugs.